12 Ways You’re Wasting Water at Home

Beyond leaks, there are other, less obvious ways that you’re probably wasting water every day. Take a look at your house and your routine to see if you’re guilty of any of these common water-wasting offenses.


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The Best Showerhead Options for a Bathroom Refresh

Whether you’re fine-tuning choices for a bathroom remodel or just fed up with a drippy drizzle, you may need some assistance choosing the perfect showerhead. This guide will streamline the process and help you determine what you really want in terms of functions and features.


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Solved! What’s the Best Bathtub Size?

Choosing the right bathtub size is crucial, whether remodeling an older bathroom or adding a new one. And these days, bathtubs come in more sizes, shapes, and depths than ever, so the key is determining which will fit both your lifestyle and your square footage.


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15 Home Improvements That Can’t Wait Until Spring

Certain home improvement projects are best suited for spring and summer, for instance, painting the exterior or power-washing the driveway. But you can—and should—take care of important maintenance tasks, even in the coldest weather.

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