What’s the Difference? Chrome vs. Brushed Nickel

Replacing hardware and fixtures can change the look of a kitchen or bathroom. Two affordable, consistent, and versatile choices are chrome and brushed nickel. When deciding between these finishes, it’s important to understand differences in design, durability, and maintenance.

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How To Replace a Toilet Shut-Off Valve

Toilet shut-off valves don’t see much action and may sit for years without ever being closed. After going unused for so long, the valve’s rubber washers can dry rot and when it is turned, it leaks. Learn how to replace a toilet shut-off valve and get your toilet back in service.

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The Best Shower Faucet Sets for Your Bathroom

A shower faucet should suit your taste and complement the way you shower. Some settle for the shower faucet that came with their house or a faucet style that they don’t really like. View options which represent top shower faucet choices available.

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Best Shower Filters for Healthier Bath Water

Most homes without a whole-house filter system could benefit from a shower filter. The best filters can last well over a thousand showers. They should be durable, easy to handle, and can intercept any junk in the water. This guide can assist you in choosing the best filter.

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