Bathroom Design Ideas – Adding a Water Closet

The concept of the “Water Closet” dates back to the late 1800s, with the idea of having a toilet inside the home in a separate room. In the 20th century, homebuilders merged water closets with bathrooms to save space. The water closet – a small, closed room containing a toilet that is part of the bathroom – has been reintroduced in modern-day bathroom design.

The benefits of a water closet are additional privacy when multiple people are using the bathroom and improved hygiene as having a toilet in an enclosed space prevents particles from spreading when the toilet is flushed. Learn more about the water closet and why it is popular in modern bathroom designs.

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How Long Does a Dishwasher, a Key Kitchen Appliance, Last?

A dishwasher – a key kitchen appliance – is constantly exposed to water, acidic food scraps, and abrasive cleaners which can lead to corrosion and breakdown of parts and liners which without regular maintenance, can lead to appliance failure.

The average lifespan of a dishwasher is 9-16 years, with a median longevity of 12 years. There are signs of when a dishwasher needs maintenance or to be replaced, including dishes remaining dirty after washing, dishes not drying when a drying cycle is selected, a water leak, and control panel failure. Steps to take to extend the life of the kitchen appliance include scraping dishes of debris prior to loading, following the manufacturer’s loading suggestions, cleaning filters, air-drying dishes, and making sure water used in cleaning is very hot.

Learn about maintenance that could extend the life of a dishwasher and symptoms that warn of a required repair.

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