Sump pumps can help prevent flooding and water damage in your home by redirecting water away from your home’s foundation and preventing it from entering the basement. When installed correctly, a sump pump is located in a sump pit, and water that is around the foundation will flow to this lowest point. The cost of a sump pump is typically between $639-$1,977, with pedestal pumps cost between $60-$170 and submersible pumps cost between $100-$400. Labor costs for installation is typically between $45-$200 per hour with submersible pump installation costs being higher than installation costs for pedestal pumps. However, sump pump replacement is less expensive than installing a new one. Initial sump pump installation requires digging, electrical upgrades, and plumbing needs. Factors impacting sump pump installation include the type of basement floor, pump location, geographic location, type of sump pump installed, pump size and quality, labor and permits, and discharge system requirements. Learn more about sump pump types and costs for installation.

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