The Estimated Costs for Home Renovations

The size of the rooms being renovated, underlying repairs, scope, materials, and labor are the primary factors that impact home renovation costs. Updates to kitchens, bathrooms, and appliances are more expensive home renovations, with a kitchen renovation averaging $25,000 and a basement finishing project usually cost around $20,000. Estimating a home renovation cost can be complicated – view this list of considerations to understand the potential cost of your home renovation project.

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How To Unclog a Dishwasher

Filters in your dishwasher prevent chunks of food from entering your plumbing and protect pipes from clogging. These filters are can be cleaned by a consumer and with some effort, you’ll be able to fix the issue without a plumber. However, there are times when a plumber may be necessary to clear a drain line or there’s a failure of a control panel or pump.

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Identifying Black Mold

Mold can cause adverse reactions in people who have allergies or weakened immune systems. Black mold can be extremely hazardous and tough to remove. Learn how to identify black mold so you can eliminate it.

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