How to Clean Up a Flooded Basement

Basement flooding happens frequently. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, floods are the number one disaster in America. Common causes of basement floods include a burst pipe, leaking foundation, or weather-related event. Flooded basement cleanup requires safety precautions and in many instances, professional help.

Flooded basement cleanup typically costs between $3,000-$10,000, with an average cost of $4,000. The estimated cost includes flood remediation and cleanup for approximately 500 square feet and contains 2 feet of water. If the basement is holding only a couple of inches of clean water, the average cost will be approximately $2,000 since there is less water damage service required.

Floods in basements are typically the result of heavy rainfall or fast snow melt, foundation cracks, broken basement windows or poor draining egress, sewer backups, sump pump malfunctions, water heater failure, drainage system failure, improperly sealed basement walls, burst or leaking pipes, and overflowing gutters or improper downspout locations.

Learn about common causes of basement flooding and important steps to remediate the situation.

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